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Our smile is the first thing that people notice. It is an integral part of the expression of one’s overall image, emotional state and behavior. Lack of professional care can result in periodontal problems, dental caries and subsequent complications thereof. Halitosis, viscosity of saliva, bleeding gums, unnatural color, significant bacterial plaque on the enamel – all this may be due to irregularity of preventive measures against dental disease.

In our clinic, qualified doctors will take the best care of your dental hygiene. The complex of our services includes: ultrasonic scaling, cleaning of surrounding tissues and subgingival pockets; tooth surface polishing using the AirFlow technology, brushes, polishes and non-abrasive toothpastes; fluoridation (strengthening of enamel with fluoride ions) for maximum protection against harmful impact of acids; dental consultations and individual selection of oral hygiene products.

Toothbrushing has no contraindications or age restrictions. In order to keep the teeth healthy as long as possible, we recommend that both adults and children visit a professional specialized in dental hygiene at least twice a year. Patients with complications, very intense caries and bleeding gums should see the professional up to 4 times a year. The services such as dental treatment, implantation, prosthetics and tooth whitening also must necessarily be combined with a visit to a hygienist.

Early professional hygiene done by an expert can help you avoid lengthy and uncomfortable treatment. Such care is 2.5 times more efficient in case if you use the prescribed means of personal dental hygiene after the procedures. Our experts will recommend you high-quality toothbrushes and other products for personal oral hygiene, which you can buy directly at our clinic.