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  • Experienced and friendly doctors;
  • Play corner and cartoons during treatment;
  • Gift for each child after treatment

Treatment shall not begin until the little patient feels safe and at ease.

The doctor will sit down with the child in the play corner, introduce themselves and explain in the form of tales what is expecting them once in the dentist’s chair. No uncertainty and no fear in the future!

Rich experience helps doctors to choose the right approach to even the most restless patients.

Dental treatment in our clinic means peace of mind for parents and fun for kids!

Treatment of caries of milk teeth. The doctor will thoroughly examine the child’s teeth, make a diagnosis and determine at what stage the disease currently is. A treatment is then chosen based on the results of diagnostics. The diagnostic part takes 5-10 minutes. If the caries is in the initial phase, it may require only minimal intervention: the doctor will clean the teeth from plaque and perform deep fluoridation by applying a special fluoride mix that will protect the child’s teeth from further deterioration and development of the disease. In complex cases, it may be necessary to make a filling, just like in adult patients. The treatment of one tooth takes about 20-30 minutes.

Tooth extraction. It is important to try to preserve each tooth, as this may have implications for the future dental health of the patient.

Milk teeth:

– are the foundation for proper eruption and positioning of permanent teeth;

– stimulate development of the jaw bones

Extraction of teeth in children is necessary when:

– the tooth affected by decay cannot be cured for some reason;

– the milk tooth interferes with eruption of a permanent tooth;

– there is a cyst on the root of the tooth or a fistula on the gum;

– the patient has pulpitis / periodontitis in an advanced stage.

Deep fluriodation and silvering of teethWhen we perform surface fluoridation of milk teeth, each tooth is thoroughly treated with a special fluoride varnish, from which it will then gradually absorb fluorine in the course of several minutes.

The difference between surface fluoridation and deep fluoridation is that in the latter we apply fluorine to the tooth surface in the form of a solution with high-frequency currents.

For silvering in early stages of caries we use a Japanese product based on silver diamine fluoride, which silvers only the damaged part of the tooth, to the minimal necessary extent.

Let’s give your child a healthy and happy smile!

Treatment of caries without drilling. The doctor treats the surface of the tooth affected by caries with a special gel which readily removes the caries spot and regenerates damaged enamel. After that enamel is hermetized, which ensures that the tooth is protected from further damage. The treatment takes 15-20 minutes.

Colored fillings. In comparison with conventional fillings, these stick to the teeth better and after application continuously secrete fluoride which helps protect the teeth against dental caries. Moreover, their bright color allows us to immediately detect when they sstart wearing off, which helps prevent recurrence of tooth disease.