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Tooth extraction is one of the most common surgical procedures. It is done in cases where it is not possible to cure a tooth and maintain or restore it on its root. Experienced professionals in our dental office can painlessly remove wisdom teeth, milk and permanent, retained and dystopic teeth.

Fast painless removal of wisdom teeth involving diagnostic devices

Removal of wisdom teeth is recommended in case of acute, sudden and / or throbbing pain caused by untreated tooth decay, partial destruction, impossibility of eruption or wrong position of a problematic tooth. It is also necessary to remove wisdom teeth before the beginning of orthodontic treatment, because these teeth have no functional load and therefore can hinder efficient use of braces for bite correction.

Surgical removal of retained and dystopic teeth

If it is not possible to restore the anatomical features of a retained tooth (a tooth which is covered by the gum or remain in the bone), the dentist may prescribe surgery for its removal. Thanks to the accurate diagnostic equipment, advanced surgical instruments and experience of our specialists, we can guarantee high quality, fast treatment and the desired result.

Recommendations of a specialist:

  1. Take X-rays so that your doctor to make the right decision whether to remove or keep the tooth.
  2. After extraction, you must follow the doctor’s recommendation in order to avoid inflammation.
  3. Painful swallowing, malaise or fever are the symptoms which require immediate attention of a dental surgeon.
  4. In case of inflammation, it is dangerous to apply heat to the affected tooth, to use warm compresses, to apply anesthetics to the gum adjacent to the tooth or to rely on unprofessional “friendly advice”.
  5. The sooner you see a specialist with your problem, the faster you will get the necessary help. There is not and cannot be only one right way of deciding about the possible removal of wisdom teeth.