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Prosthetics is the approach used to restore the anatomical shape of a severely damaged tooth or to create a new tooth instead of a missing one. Dental prosthetics involves cooperation between a professional dentist-orthopedist and a dental technician in a laboratory. Dentures can be fixed, i. e. attached to the teeth, or implanted in the oral cavity, or removable, i. e. taken out and put back in by the patient during the day. In our dental office, we offer the most effective prosthetic methods and technologies.

To individually choose the most appropriate type of prosthesis for each patient, the dentist-orthopedist must first determine the diagnosis. In some cases, it is necessary to make imprints of the upper and lower jaw, based on which the diagnostic models are then created. Thanks to them we can evaluate the bite, position of the teeth, their shape and size. In addition, the doctor will take a series of digital photos to analyze the color of the teeth, determine their macro and micro-relief, evaluate the smile etc. All this, along with X-ray diagnostics, allows our doctors to prepare an optimal treatment plan taking into account both functional and aesthetic aspects. If needed, the dentist may prescribe additional examinations, e. g. orthopantomography or 3D diagnostics.

We cooperate with a highly qualified experienced team of a technical dental laboratory.